Magnimar’s sprawling slate rooftops and marble
avenues stretch from the foundations of the Irespan-a
ruined stone bridge of impossible size-to beyond the
western banks of the Yondabakari River. A sheer cliff,
the Seacleft, cuts through the city’s heart, dividing
Magnimar into its two major sections: the Summit,
upon the cliff’s top, and the Shore, below.

The second-largest city in Varisia, Magnimar
wages an open war of coins and lies with Korvosa to
the east. Both city-states vie for control over vassal
communities , natural resources , and trade with the
cosmopolitan south. In its constant striving to outdo
and exceed Korvosa, Magnimar has opened it s gates
and harbor to all comers , encouraging traders from
many lands to dis cover the wonders of Varisia away
from the excessive taxes and regulations of Korvosa,
yet in greater safety than is offered by pirate havens
like Riddleport.

Today, more than 16,000 people make their homes
in Magnimar, with the majority of that populace
consisting of humans of Chelish decent-although an
increasing numb er have Varisian blood. Shoanti are
often thought of as little more than brute s , and aren’t
often trusted. Magnimar also hosts a second transient
population: thousands of regular traders from far-flung
nations . Many of the sea merchants , emissaries ,
and adventurers have home s that they reside in while
passing through but that otherwise remain empty.

N large city
Corruption +2; Crime +2; Economy +5; Law +2; Lore +6; Society + 1
Qualities academic, prosperous, rumormongering citizens,
strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger + O
Government autocracy (lord-mayor)
Population 16,428 (13,307 humans, 821 halflings, 657 dwarves,
657 elves, 493 gnomes, 329 half-elves, 164 half-orcs)
Haldmeer Grobaras, lord-mayor (N male human aristocrat 9)
Verrine Caiteil, spokeswoman of the Council of Ushers (NG
female elf aristocrat 3/wizard 6)
Bayl Argentine, leader of the justice Court (LN male human
aristocrat 6/fighter 3)
Remeria Callinova, leader of the Varisian Council (CG female
human expert 4/rogue 2)
Sabriyya Kalmeralm, de facto ruler of the Bazaar of Sails (CN
female human rogue 12)
Base Value 12,800 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4


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